Trump Proudly Takes Away Healthcare From His Own Supporters; Voters Remorse Is Finally Here

Republicans are continuing to sabotage every once of the Obamacare insurance markets and as a result, eight thousand Americans are forced to lose their coverage. The ironic part is that the people who are being stripped of their healthcare voted for the traitor-in-chief.

The ones effected live in Carson City, Douglas, Storey and Lyon counties-which are rural areas in the state. According to ShareBlue, the insurance carriers in the region are citing Trump’s public reluctance to pay subsidies to the companies that are owed money, as well as provisions in the Republican health care bill that would pull back on those subsidies.

Pulling back on these subsides means that more people are having to pay out-of-pocket to get a simple check-up.

Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto asserted that Trump should be held accountable for this:

“Rural Nevadans struggle the most when it comes to access to affordable healthcare,” she said, “and it is disappointing that President Trump’s reckless actions have led Anthem to reach a decision that will give Nevadans far less options for healthcare coverage that works for them.”

This is a recurring problem among Republican voters. They vote for a con man who manipulates them into thinking he has their bet interest at heart–he doesn’t. Hopefully, Trump supporters have learned their lesson by now and will stop following Trump into the abyss.



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