Trump Promotes Another Family Member To A Top Government Position (DETAILS)

So-called President Donald Trump has hired his son’s brother-in-law as chief of staff of an  Energy Department office that apparently is dismantling some of former President Barack Obama’s climate change initiatives.

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As Environmental & Energy Publishing reports, Kyle Yunaska, who is Lara Trump’s brother, was offered a role back in February as part of the “beachhead” team of Energy Department political appointees working to run the agency following President Trump’s inauguration. Now, Trump believes the few months of experience in the department qualifies Yunasaka as chief of staff.

For those unaware, Lara Trump’s brother is an East Carolina University alumnus who earned his bachelor’s degree in physics and management, then proceeded to receive his master’s in business administration. In addition, he participated in 2013 in an Inside Edition competition to find the “hottest bachelors” in Washington, D.C. Mr. Yunaska finished the competition as “one of them.”

As chief of staff, Yunaska will advise Executive Director Sean Cunningham and his deputy Carol Battershell. Now here’s the plot twist: Under Obama, the Energy Policy and Systems Analysis office oversaw initiatives to fight climate change, but it’s unclear if that approach will continue.

Despite having no prior experience or background in energy work, Trump promoted this family member to serve a highly-substantial and relatively important position in the White House. Honestly, no one is surprised that a member of the extended Trump clan has received a top government job within the administration. After all, the president has bombarded the government and his entire campaign with relatives.

We all knew that Donald Trump was filling, rather than draining, the metaphorical swamp. We just didn’t know that so many of the swamp-dwelling creatures would be related.

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