Trump Pretends He Rejected Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Honor – Twitter CRUSHES Him (TWEETS)


It’s just amazing how Trump always seems to need ridiculous ego boosts, especially when he’s getting dragged through the mud. Today, he used a horrific terror attack in Egypt to push his border wall and his Muslim ban – neither of which would have stopped that attack nor would have stopped any attacks that might happen here. So he’s turning his focus onto Time Magazine, who is getting close to naming their “Person of the Year.”

Time’s readers’ choice poll so far has the crown prince of Saudi Arabia far ahead of anybody else. Trump is tied for 2nd with the Dreamers, whom he’s trying to deport; and he’s also tied with the #MeToo campaign, which shined an uncomfortable spotlight on the sheer number of women out there who have experienced sexual harassment and assault. Trump is a known harasser and assaulter. The readers’ poll does not close until Sept. 3.

Time’s editorial board has the final say, here, but the readers’ poll does factor into their decision and he probably knows he’s not the frontrunner in any way, shape or form. So he’s doing the, “Stupid Time, I didn’t want to be their ‘Person of the Year’ anyway” thing to salve his battered ego:

Of course, Twitter is having an absolute ball with this:

Others in the official running include Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, showing once again that Time doesn’t necessarily pick someone because they’re an amazingly great person who’s done a ton of positive things.

He’s also actually behind people like Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who’ve taken a stand against racism and police brutality by not standing for the national anthem – something Trump has repeatedly screamed about on Twitter. It must be humiliating for him to be behind people he can’t stand in a contest like this.

Trump also trails France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron, who has made his dislike of Trump very clear from the beginning.

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