Trump Official Arrested For Child Pornography

An official on President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has just been arrested after authorities found child pornography on his personal cell phone.

The commission he works for was created by President Trump to search out voter fraud among the states, which Trump claims cost him the popular vote in last year’s election against Hillary Clinton.

Ronald Williams II, 37, of Suitland, Maryland, is being charged with having in his possession 11 counts of possession and distribution of the child porn after the Maryland State Police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The tip caused police to search William’s home and cell phone, which later revealed “multiple files of child pornography.”

No comment yet from President Trump or how this is going to affect the commission’s core mission. However, it must be noted that no evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found since the commission was first set up.

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