Trump May Think ISIS Is On His Golf Courses; Just Hit 30th Visit Of Golf Since January (IMAGE)

While many people see Donald Trump going on his 30th visit to his golf properties since becoming *president as horrible, what many may not realize, is that this may actually be where his secret plan for ISIS is hiding.

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After all, Trump talked about his super secret plan to defeat ISIS, and maybe he’s privy to intelligence that the rest of us just aren’t aware of. The plan could be hidden deep within the rough of the 16th green. We don’t know, and he’s certainly not going to tell us — it’s super secret.

According to The Hill:

“Trump’s motorcade left the White House Saturday morning for an unannounced destination. A group of people wearing golf attire got into the lead car of the motorcade, according to pool reports. Photos later surfaced on Twitter showing Trump’s motorcade arriving at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.”

There are reports saying he won’t actually be golfing, but he’s still there nonetheless — at one of his own golf courses, for the 30th time, bringing in revenue and business, at a members event, and not dealing with the issues and perils of a nation confused why their *Commander-in-Chief is so incompetent.

There he is!

Let’s also not forget Trump had the audacity to drive over a green earlier in the week. Something you never do, but since it’s was Trump, and he’s not exactly a rule abider, no one was surprised.

Let’s hope for all our sakes that he is using these visits constructively. But chances are, more than likely, he’s just using them to get away from being *president. After all, he seems to have only wanted to win, but not actually lead, considering all he ever does is talk about the election.

Only time will tell to see if his super secret plan for ISIS is hidden on the golf course, which would be the only reasonable explanation for why he’s golfing so much.

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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