Trump May Need New Blood Pressure Meds After Seeing What Chris Murphy Did To Him On Fox News (VIDEO)

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Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), is probably better known for being the somewhat boring third wheel candidate during the heated debates between Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-NY). However, Murphy’s brutal takedown of Donald Trump on Fox News Sunday may change that perception.

During the interview with James Rosen, Murphy went right after Trump for his decision to destroy the health care subsidies of millions of working Americans who can’t afford healthcare without them.

ROSEN: All right. Let’s move to health care. You serve on the Senate, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. The Trump administration, as you know, this past week, directed the federal government to stop payments of cost-sharing subsidies under ObamaCare. The president called it a payoff to the insurance industry.

Why do you and your fellow Democrats oppose doing away with that?

MURPHY: So, this is the equivalent of health care arson. He’s really literally setting the entire health care system on fire just because the president is upset that the United States Congress won’t pass a repeal bill that is supported by 17 percent of the American public.

These subsidies going to the insurance companies help very low income people afford insurance. And without the subsidies, there will be many people who won’t be able to provide insurance and afford it. And the other set of subsidies that go to individuals to access coverage will actually increase. Meaning that the deficit goes up, the amount of money that we spend overall on the Affordable Care Act goes up, because all that happens is the payments that used to be going to insurance companies now get substituted with increased tax credits for individuals to afford the coverage.

The fact of the matter is the president is trying to sabotage the American health care system, trying to put a gun to the head of our constituents by taking away their health care or raising their costs in order to force us to repeal a bill that the American public doesn’t want us to repeal.

You can almost see the tweets writing themselves from Trump. As Trump loses touch with reality, Fox News has become his happy place, but Chris Murphy dropped a reality bomb on the President that should send him into a rage. Donald Trump isn’t fooling anyone. Nobody wants Trumpcare. No matter what kind of healthcare terrorism Trump pulls, he will never be able to destroy the belief that people deserve access to quality affordable healthcare.

Murphy also made a perfect fool out of Trump when he explained in great detail why only adults should make decisions regarding the Iran deal.

Check out the carnage:

Featured image via YouTube. Transcript via Politicususa


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