Trump Makes The Most Heartless Statement About Medicaid Cuts Even Though Millions Will Suffer

If you don’t think Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar cuts to medicaid is a heartless, immoral act, his latest statement should help change your mind.

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In a recent interview, Trump went on to praise his efforts of stripping Medicaid even if it meant that millions of Americans, primarily pregnant women, single parents, people with disabilities, and seniors with low incomes rely on it to help pay for medical costs.

Watch the video, below:

Trump has obviously never visited a nursing home, or a children’s hospital. He also doesn’t appear to know that 20% of Americans need Medicaid. But why should Trump care? He’s never had to worry about the cost of seeing a doctor. It most-likely doesn’t register with him that not every American is wealthy enough not to care about health costs.

The most disturbing factor of all of this is Trump going back on his word. In 2015, Trump tweeted that he would never cut government expenses that provide for Americans like social security, Medicare and Medicaid:

Or in 2014, when the liar-in-chief bragged about making :America rich again”, so that we don’t have to cut funds:

Then Trump became the so-called president and Americans realized that every single promise he made was a big fat lie.

Now, of course, Trump has lined up behind a Senate health care bill that features huge cuts to Medicaid:

  • First, it cuts reimbursement rates to Medicaid expansion states, slowly phasing out federal support for the new enrollees.
  • Second, it ends Medicaid’s open-ended commitment to covering the health care needs of eligible patients — sticking states with per capita spending caps.
  • Third, it adjusts those payments over time to ensure that the money available per patient grows more slowly than the cost of providing medical coverage. Each year, a wedge will steadily open wider and wider between the money available for medical coverage and the cost of providing it.

Trump is continuing to prove that he has no remorse when he comes to taking Medicaid away from people who really need it. In fact, it brings him joy.



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