Trump Makes Stunning Admission About His Cabinet; Realizes How Much He Screwed Up


President Donald Trump has faced persistent criticism from people who say he failed to properly fill his administration with experienced, well-equipped individuals.

Throughout his presidency, Trump’s cabinet has been a whirlwind of chaos as many members departed/were fired due to inconsistency and lack of proper vetting from the White House. Even Republicans have spoken out about the foolish decisions Trump’s made regarding his Cabinet, and it appears now that the president has finally realized his mistakes.

While praising Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a tax event in Miami, Trump made a rare admission, stating that he has made poor decisions when choosing suitable staff members.

“Not all of my choices were good, but they were great ones,” the president said, referring to Acosta and Mnuchin in the latter part of his comment.

Though Trump did not single out any staff members, many of his Cabinet picks have faced accusations of ethical misconduct or clashed with the president for personal and political reasons, and some have already been forced out of the administration for those very reasons — Tom Price from Health and Human Services, David Shulkin of the VA, and Rex Tillerson who was Trump’s Secretary of State have all either left or been asked to leave.

This is the closest we’ll ever come to crooked Donald admitting to making a mistake. In the past, Trump claimed that he only hired “the best people” for his administration, but the idiot-in-chief may have come to the realization that picking friends, cronies, and donors over competent people with actual leadership abilities wasn’t a smart move.

It is truly shocking that Trump, being the narcissist that he is, would ever own up to making a poor choice. Maybe the so-called president will work up to admitting that he is a fraudulent criminal as well.

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