Trump Makes Dumb Comment About Steelworker’s Dad During Tariff Signing Ceremony, His Response Is Epic

Donald Trump was humiliated on Thursday by his own comments to Scott Sauritch, the president of United Steelworkers Union Local 2227, who had praised the president for his move to impose tariffs on steel imports — which will be good for them, but terrible for the rest of the country. Sauritch spoke of his father losing his job in an economic downturn that helped damage the industry. In recent days, the president had decided to impose tariffs on Chinese steel imports hoping to spike a revival in the industry in the United States.

After clarifying what Scott had said his dad’s name was, Trump said to him, “Well, your father, Herman, is looking down,” going on to say, “He’s very proud of you right now.” But in an embarrassing turn of events, it turns out that Sauritch’s father Herman is very much still alive and kicking.


The gaffe will cause red faces all around at the White House with Trump making another public blunder. The sheer lack of preparation or detail available to the president shows a shocking lack of attention to detail for the world’s most powerful political figure.

Sauritch informed Trump that his father was still alive and Trump concluded that he would be even prouder. Sauritch went on to say “He lost his job due to imports coming into this country.” Sauritch added, “I just wanted to tell you, what that does to a man with six kids is devastating. I never forgot that, looking into his eyes in my household [and] what that does to a family.”

Trump’s decision to charge tariffs on Chinese steel imports will cause shock waves throughout the world as the US is, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest importers of steel in the world. It seems that Trump now really has a taste for making huge trade announcements at the drop of a hat — he has now threatened to make changes to deals with Europe that would threaten German car exports to the US. Many had thought that the days of Trump thrashing about trying to make waves were over — it appears now that he was merely taking a rest.

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