Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Again On Live TV, Tries To Take Credit For End Of Korean War (VIDEO)

There’s literally nothing in the universe that Donald Trump likes more than taking credit for things. Whether it’s a strong economy or low black unemployment, the perceived decline of ISIS or the overall decrease in immigration (okay, we’ll give him that last one), Trump is a brand new kind of president: A braggart.

In fact, his habit is so strong that he even claims credit for things that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with him.

As Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Tuesday, the discussion turned to talks between North and South Korea about potential peace accords that began in earnest during the recent Olympic Games in PeyongChang, South Korea. After North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un sent his sister as an emissary to the Games — despite the fact that US Vice President Mike Pence refused to engage her in any way — the leadership of the two estranged countries began discussing a summit for some time in the future.

Some kind of treaty on the Korean peninsula, of course, would be beneficial not only to their own region and the surrounding countries but to the world as a whole, since the largest part of Kim Jong-Un’s historical gripe against the universe is merely remnants of the 3-year-long Korean War, during which the United States sided with the South.

Donald Trump was 4 years old when that war began, but you’d never know it from the expertise he tries to project about the situation on the Korean peninsula.

He sees himself as so indispensable to the peace process, in fact, that he believes it would never have begun without him. That’s what he said during the Mar-a-Lago get-together with Prime Minister Abe, as you can see in this ABC News video:

Trump didn’t even limit his massive influence to simply peace between the Koreas, either — he claimed credit for the success of the Olympic Games themselves, despite not attending and essentially trash-talking the entire process due to America winning fewer medals than he might have expected:

“Without us, and without me in particular, I guess, you would have to say that they wouldn’t be discussing anything, including — the Olympics would have been a failure.”

Typical Trump. This is why the United States has gone from one of the most respected countries in the world under President Obama to one of the least under Trump.

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