Trump Made Ridiculous Claim About Gas Prices; One Twitter User Smacked Him With The Truth (IMAGE)

Tuesday, while the nation was celebrating July 4th, Donald Trump was tweeting about gas prices. Proudly claiming that they are the lowest they’ve ever been in 10 years. However, it turns out that was a lie but it’s not surprising.

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Trump makes a lot of false claims about the progress that he has done for the nation. So most likely there were a lot of eye rolls when he tweeted out,

This latest announcement on gas prices led to one Twitter user getting his ‘Inspector Gadget’ on. And he not only found that Trump was lying, he provided visual proof that included numbers. We all know, numbers don’t lie.

There it is folks. Clearly, in 2015, the U.S. Energy Information Administration(EIA) reported gas prices to be at $1.99 and just a day before Donnie’s post, gas prices were at $2.16. That’s easy math to see first of all that’s less than 10 years ago and gas prices have actually gone higher.

When proving the President wrong, you must come with proof or his supporters will probably send you death threats. So, Cameron, this was solid and smart.

And he’s probably right, Trump is probably shutting the whole EIA site down as we speak. Shoot he could even be looking to have Cameron’s Twitter page deleted as well. You know how childish the man with the little hands and no plan can be.  Thanks for giving us the truth Cameron. May the resistance be with you!

Featured Image via Getty Images and Twitter


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