Trump Lies About New Secret Meeting With Putin: ‘Actually Talked About Russian Adoption’

Recently, Donald Trump gave an absolutely ridiculous interview to The New York Times, where the POTUS talked about several of the issues plaguing his presidency, including his disastrous attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare and his exploding Russia scandal.

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The interview contained several bombshells, such as the fact that Trump admitted he wouldn’t have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he’d known the AG would recuse himself. However, one of the most outrageous parts of the interview involved the secret second meeting between him and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, which had just come to light recently.

Trump explained what had happened in the secretive meeting, which wasn’t ever going to be disclosed to the American public if the news hadn’t gotten out before the White House could stop it. Trump said they talked about “pleasantries” for 15 minutes, before getting to the point – and this is where America needs to take note.

In a move that perfectly symbolizes just what Trump thinks of America, our democracy, and the integrity of the presidency, Trump said that he “actually talked about Russian adoption with him.”

It really does not get more disrespectful than this. Trump used the same lie that his son, Donald Trump Jr., tried to use to clear himself after word got out that he’d met with a Russian lawyer during his father’s presidential campaign. It was later discovered that Trump Jr. – along with several other people in Trump’s inner circle – had met with the Russian lawyer in hopes of getting dirt on Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. And here Trump is, using the same excuse to cover up his probable collusion. Does he think America’s stupid?

This is a huge ‘f*ck you’ to this country, as Trump clearly thinks that Americans do not deserve the truth. Trump even noted that it was ‘interesting’ that he and Putin spoke about adoptions, considering that his son also said he spoke about the same thing in his meeting with the Russian lawyer. Trump is basically trying to play America now, and he’s not even being discreet about it.

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