Trump Lawyer Sends Ominous Threat To Rachel Maddow’s Producer (VIDEO)

Trump’s legal team recently suffered a shakeup when  his senior counsel in the Russia probe bailed on him. The Donald replaced Marc Kasowitz with white collar criminal lawyer John Dowd after reports surfaced that Deutsche Bank has agreed to hand over records related to their dealings with Donald Trump — worrisome, as they rather suspiciously loaned Trump more than a billion dollars when no one else was willing to touch him.

“The White House is going nuclear,” Maddow said. “Like, break glass in case of emergency — they were smashing the glass last night.”

Dowd recently complained that any transactions related to Deutsche Bank are “beyond the mandate of the special counsel” and “unrelated to the election of 2016 or any alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and most importantly, they are well beyond any statute of limitations imposed by the U.S. Code.’”

“Who said anything about statute of limitations? Why are you bringing that up? The statute of limitations for prosecuting what crimes exactly?” Maddow said — so they contacted Dowd and sh*t got real fast.

“We have no evidence that any of these [Trump business] entities are under investigation,” Dowd told Maddow’s producer. “I’m beginning to think it’s not true. I’m beginning to wonder where the hell it came from.”

Then, he added a cryptic and chilling threat:

“This is the last call we’ll ever have.”

What did he mean by this? Who knows — but it was clearly meant to intimidate.

“Some days are weirder than others in this job,” Maddow told her audience. “But you never really expect them to get that weird in conversation with the lead attorney for the president of the United States.”

Dowd’s weird message about the statute of limitations is a strong indication that crimes were committed — otherwise, he would not be speaking of them.

Dowd isn’t the first of Trump’s attorneys to  make threats. Kasowitz recently got caught telling a complete stranger who emailed him “Watch your batch, b*tch” and adding, “You will see me. I promise. Bro.”

Trump’s legal team is filled with thugs who feel it is somehow appropriate to threaten anyone who asks questions — unsurprising but terrifying, given The Donald’s close relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who has a habit of making people disappear when they start demanding answers.

Watch Maddow’s report below:

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