Trump Lackey Tells Fox News That CNN’s Jim Acosta Got Schooled – Acosta’s Response Is Priceless


Oh Katrina Pierson, how we have missed you splashing your Trumpian lies all over the news. Not. Pierson is another Trump lackey with the same penchant for lying as the rest of his lackeys. She went on Fox News this morning to parrot Trump on how Russia is still a hoax, collusion with a hostile foreign power is not a crime, there’s no evidence and there’s never been evidence pointing to Russian collusion, and other such nonsense. But she also went after CNN’s Jim Acosta, who got into it with Stephen Miller over immigration during a White House press briefing.

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But Acosta had a biting response for her. Pierson said:

Stephen Miller definitely reeducated Jim Acosta and CNN on the differences between green card holders and illegal immigration. And it’s truly unfortunate that someone like Jim Acosta would want people to come to this country who couldn’t speak the language to even read the poem on the Statue of Liberty.”

Acosta shot back with:

No, Acosta is the one who walked away from that argument in triumph, however Pierson might want to spin it. During that press briefing, Miller discussed Trump’s latest immigration proposal to cut immigration to the U.S. by half, and also to do things like revamp the green card process because green cards are too fast a path to citizenship (green cards are the standard path to citizenship). They also want to limit family-based migration to spouses and minor children, because any other family member who comes here will just mooch off the system.

Acosta got angry about it, because that’s not in keeping with the spirit that is supposed to be this country, and he and Miller began sparring during the briefing. But if Pierson thinks Miller schooled Acosta on immigration and green cards, she’d better think again. Acosta is probably more informed on all of that than this entire administration ever will be.

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