Trump Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division To Focus On ‘Anti-White Discrimination’

The Trump administration is embarking on a new crusade against discrimination that is often ignored in our country — not because it’s a rampant problem no one wants to face, but because it’s so f*cking stupid that people would rather focus on real problems instead. That problem, friends, is anti-white discrimination.

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You know how Trump supporters and various Republicans are constantly screaming about how hard they have it, usually coupling it with an asinine example like that time they heard from a guy who heard from a friend who heard from another that a black man got hired at an unspecified company and took the position away from a more-qualified white person because of their respective skin colors? Well, picture that ridiculous but familiar scenario but with another favorite of theirs: college admissions.

The FAILING FAKE NEWS FRAUD New York Times reports that the Justice Department’s civil rights division will now be focused not on actual cases of discrimination, but instead on “affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants.”

“The civil rights laws were deliberately written to protect everyone from discrimination, and it is frequently the case that not only are whites discriminated against now, but frequently Asian-Americans are as well,” former Bush administration official Roger Clegg says, calling the decision to step in and protect the whites “long overdue” and “welcome.”

The Justice Department will be looking at gaps in test scores as well as studying dropout rates among minority populations, which Clegg says is evidence that race is the primary factor in a college admission would force a poor, tortured white person to consider his or her backup schools.

Interestingly, the operation will be run out of the Justice Department’s front office — which is stacked with Trump loyalists — rather than from the actual section whose job it is to enforce anti-discrimination laws in education.

Totally above board, folks. Nothing to see here.

Featured image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer

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