Trump Just Yanked French First Lady Brigitte Macron; Its Really Bad (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has been known for his bizarre handshakes and awkward encounters with foreign leaders. As the President landed this morning in Paris, France to meet with Emmanuel Macron and French First Lady Brigitte Macron, there was no telling if he would try his patented shake on the French leader. Instead, he tried his tactics on his wife.

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As he kissed both her cheeks and grabbing hold of her hand the greeting seemed to be headed in a normal direction–but in true Trump form–the odd behavior begun. Trump grabs the French First Lady’s right hand at an odd angle and began yanking away. Mrs. Macron seemed to try and step back away from the tugging, and then the President suddenly let go.

Watch the video, below: 

Just once, it would be nice if the moron-in-chief didn’t humiliate us in front of world leaders, but our president is clearly incapable of doing that.





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