Trump Just Went On Another Twitter Rant; Accuses Obama Of Obstruction Of Justice (TWEETS)

Twitter Fingers aka Donald Trump just jumped on Twitter to throw former President Barack Obama’s name on his own crimes.

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Trump, who is known to hold his press conferences through Tweets, accused Obama of obstruction of justice as it relates to the 2016 election scandal involving Russia. The president said that the only reason that Obama did ‘nothing’ when he found out about the Russians meddling with the election is that he expected a win for Hillary. He tweeted out:

Yep,  you read that correctly. The very thing that Trump is being investigated for, he wants to pin on Obama. It didn’t stop at that tweet though. The president continued to try and get a rise out of Obama (which we all know isn’t going to happen). Last week, news broke that President Obama knew about the Russians interference ‘long before’ the election but was slow to move. Trump couldn’t wait to use this information as leverage to potentially get out of his own mess. Trump is now demanding an apology.

Obama was trying to finish his last term in peace. He did such a great change in the White House and Trump’s little racist and ungrateful minions still wouldn’t give him the thanks he was due. So in the mess that was created by Trump, Obama left Trump to be a grown man and clean that up himself. WHAT THE F**K does he have to do with the fact that Trump got the Russians to interfere in the elections? Not a damn thing! So, Obama, continue to live your unbothered life outside of the White House. Trump is drowning himself. The truth will be out soon.

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