Trump Just Tweeted The Whiniest Thing EVER And Bernie Sanders Came In To Put Him Out Of His Misery

Trump is entering his 6th week in office and he’s still consumed by an insatiable anger over his lackluster inauguration.

On a day he could have spent, say, condemning a white nationalist for committing a hate crime on two Indian-American men in Kansas, Trump instead let his ego do the talking. In a tweet, the president suggested he wanted to hold another pro-Trump rally (his second since taking office) to compete with the protests being held against him and promised it would be “the biggest of them all!”

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That seems unlikely considering his approval rating is currently hovering around 38% with over half the country saying they dislike him. It will also be hard to beat the anti-Trump rallies that have been held in recent weeks. The Women’s March, for instance, shattered records, with over half a million people marching in Washington, D.C., alone.

But more hilariously, Sen. Bernie Sanders had the best reason to think Trump’s rally would be a spectacular dud: He already had one – the inauguration. And it was lame.


Nothing hurts Trump more than the fact that his crowd size was smaller than Obama’s. It bugs him so much that he’s apparently still whining about it.

But he can’t force himself to be popular. If Trump couldn’t even muster a crowd for his inauguration event, it’s unlikely that his “millions” of supporters will find the time to come stoke his ego at his whim. Even better, Sanders’ scorcher must have struck a chord because it quickly went viral with tens of thousands of retweets and likes. As of this writing it has more retweets than Trump’s original tweet, proving there is such a thing as bad publicity.

No doubt Trump’s staff are frantically trying to hide his phone again so he doesn’t do further damage – or give Bernie another reason to take a swing at him.

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