Trump Just Trashed His Own Party In Latest ‘Very Sad’ Tweet, The Internet Had A Field Day

On Sunday, Donald Trump went back to one of his old favorites — “Witch Hunt” — to once again describe the investigation into his campaign’s now-established collusion with the government of Russia during the 2016 election. In a pair of tweets, Trump piled on three groups with blame for his current woes, and surprise, surprise, he’s not taking any blame himself:

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It’s an unusual use of the word “protect,” since it indicates that he should somehow be shielded from the kind of scrutiny any president would face after having essentially everyone he’s ever known legally connected somehow to the campaign shenanigans. The fact that he tore into Republicans themselves just indicates how desperate he’s becoming as everything unravels quickly around him.

Response on Twitter was, of course, swift and hilarious:



There was even a bit of a breakdown for the president on whether or not he “carried” other Republicans in the election:

Clearly, Trump is starting to feel the walls closing in around him with all the talk of pardoning people and even himself.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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