Trump Just Told Another Lie To Cover Up His Russian Collusion; Internet Goes Insane

In an attempt to distract us from his possible Russian collusion, Donald Trump went after former FBI director James Comey, accusing him of breaking the law by leaking classified information to the news media.

Trump tweets:

According to Comey’s Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman, who received some of the memos and shared some elements with reporters, this is a complete lie.

No evidence has surfaced supporting that charge. Three of the memos were classified from the beginning, and were never shared with Richman, the professor tells NBC News.

Of the remaining four, a small portion, less than half–has been retroactively deemed classified, said a Congressional source familiar with the matter.

On the contrary, rigging elections and lying about it is more of a criminal act than anything else. Essentially, Trump is looking for a scapegoat for all of his wrongdoings and that is unacceptable. Twitter seemed to agree:

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