Trump Just Told A Massive Lie Regarding His Tax Plan In Front Of Millions Of Americans (VIDEO)

Donald Trump will go to the ends of the earth to prove to Americans that his tax plan will be beneficial for all, even though facts within the bill say otherwise.

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During a press conference in Missouri, Trump addressed the GOP’s tax reform plan, stating that the tax cuts will actually cost him a fortune and he does not benefit from the plan whatsoever.

Watch the video via Kyle Griffin, below: 

On the contrary, the Republican tax plan is the product of a political system that allows the wealthy and corporations to set the rules in their favor. In other words, the only people who will actually benefit from this plan is strictly the 1% of Americans. For example, The Walton Family (Walmart) will save $53 billion, the Koch Brothers are expected to save $34 billion, and lo and behold, the privileged Trump family saves $4 billion.

So, what happens to the rest of us?

Well, 99.8% of Americans get no tax break. In fact, many will have to pay even more. The GOP tax bill will target college students, senior citizens, and the middle class in an effort to help the rich become even richer.

Republicans have continuously lied and said that tax reform is for middle-income earners, when in fact, it has been proven to give boosts to the wealthiest in the country, including the proposed repeals of the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. This plan is not suited for the average earning American family. Hopefully, people will stop believing the whole debunked “trickle down economics” theory after hearing Trump’s constant lies regarding this plan. And to those Republicans who are going to vote in favor of this disastrous bill: Keep in mind that the deficit will be inflated tremendously — or in Trump terms, BIGLY — which means no more blaming Obama for the national debt.

The only ones left to blame are the GOP and Donald Trump.

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