Trump Just Threw Another Hissy Fit About Hillary Clinton And He Is Getting CLOBBERED For It

Donald Trump seriously thinks deleting emails is worse than one email showing that his campaign colluded with a hostile foreign nation to help him win the election.

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Because that’s exactly what he suggested in an early morning Twitter tantrum on Sunday that got him mocked into oblivion.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. released an email conversation in which he agreed to a meeting with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who wanted to give Trump’s campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton directly from the Russian government through a Russian oligarch named Aras Agalarov, who is close to Vladimir Putin, and a friend of Donald Trump himself.

Trump Jr. not only met with the Russian lawyer — he met with a former Soviet intelligence officer who also attended the meeting, something that likely has Ronald Reagan rolling in his grave right now.

Basically, Trump Jr. committed collusion and possibly even treason by working with the Russians to help his father win the election.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has not been charged, arrested, or even prosecuted for her so-called email “scandal” that Republicans and Trump are still absolutely obsessed with.

On Sunday morning, Trump attempted to defend his little brat by attacking Clinton.

First of all, Trump himself was tipped off about a debate question during the Republican primary, and it stands to reason that he may have been tipped off about some questions prior to debates with Hillary.

And Hillary Clinton did nothing that former Secretaries of States haven’t done before. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice also used private email servers to receive classified information, and the George W. Bush administration deleted 22 million emails. That’s a hell of a lot more than the 33,000 Trump is continuing to freak out about.

And despite repeatedly threatening and promising to prosecute Hillary Clinton for the imaginary crimes Trump is accusing her of committing, he hasn’t done it because he knows he can’t do it. The FBI cleared Clinton twice during their investigation and just like Powell and Rice, Clinton’s emails were only retroactively classified, which means none of the emails were actually classified at the time. Prosecuting Hillary would not only be a waste of taxpayer dollars, it would be considered a wrongful prosecution considering no crimes were actually committed.

Donald Trump Jr’s emails, however, prove collusion with Russia in an effort to help Trump win the election. That makes Trump Jr’s email a smoking gun in a case that any prosecuting attorney could win.

Twitter users were only too happy to smack Trump down for his pathetic tweet.

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