Trump Just Spent Your Money To Furnish The White House; The Amount Will Piss You Off (DETAILS)

Donald Trump is sitting real pretty in the White House thanks to American tax payer’s money. Trump’s old crooked behind spent hundreds of thousands of our money to furnish his new crib. $133,000 to be clear.

That is more than DOUBLE of what former President Barack Obama spent when he stayed in the White House. And Obama actually lived there for 8 years. Trump just moved in after using our money once again to live lavishly outside of D.C. We are talking millions. reported that Federal procurement records for the Executive Office of the President show that from the inauguration through the end of May, Trump’s office spent $133,053.95 on office furnishings compared to Obama’s $51,204.25 in the same time frame.

According to Mic, one of Trump’s big purchases included a custom conference table from the Kittinger Company, Inc. that carried a price tag of nearly $13,000. Trump probably wanted to rid his new home of all things Obama. Anything associated with Obama rears up his jealousy.

Trump’s hypocrisy can even be seen here. Back in 2011, Trump tweeted out at Obama bashing him for using tax payers money on trips.

Now look, SMH. He’s out spending way more than Obama ever did and it’s a shame. He is one of the richest men in America who boasts about having way more money than what the White House pays but he can’t afford to furnish the White House on his own dime? And when he does use Taxpayer money, sucks them dry! Another example of how Trump could care less about Americans unless they are rich, white and Republican.

Featured Image via Getty Images and Twitter

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