Trump Just Sent A Disgusting Message To Americans About His Failing Tax Plan (VIDEO)

The disastrous outcomes of the GOP tax-cut plan have been widely documented and reported, but Donald Trump is still trying to package the plan as a win for the middle class (even though it is clearly a loss).

Earlier today, Trump defended the tax plan and lied through is teeth as he denied Democratic claims that it is only meant to line the pockets of the rich – and he made some pretty vile statements while he was at it. In speaking to reporters, Trump actually insisted that this awful scam of a tax plan would be “one of the great Christmas gifts” for the middle class as Congress prepares to vote on the plan in the next few days. If this plan passes in Congress, it will be Trump’s first actual victory since he began his presidency – which means the rest of the country will be devastated. Trump bragged to reporters at the White House:

“It’s going to be one of the great Christmas gifts to middle-income people. The Democrats have their sound bite, the standard sound bite before they even know what the bill is all about.’

And the lies kept rolling as Trump was asked why the middle class tax cuts outlined in the plan were only short-term:

“This really will mostly benefit the middle class and jobs. Companies, companies are coming in. They’re pouring into the country. They’ve already started. This will be great for jobs. It will be fantastic for the middle income people and for jobs.”

“Well what will happen is at the end, whichever the administration is, in years from now, they’ll make it and maybe can make it more generous if we can get the economy like it should be.

“The economy now has hit 3%,” POTUS stated. “I think we can go to 4%, 5, maybe 6% ultimately. Each percentage point is $2.5 trillion. We are back. We’re really going to start to rock.”

What this tax rewrite actually does is cut U.S. corporate tax to 21%, and give rich Americans a major tax break. Democrats have not only criticized the highly flawed plan for those issues, but the fact that it would also increase the federal deficit exponentially. Recent polls have shown that this tax cut plan is highly unpopular among Americans, as most see right through Trump and the GOP’s plan to get even richer. But of course, Trump has the nerve to market this abuse of power as a “gift” to the middle class.

You can watch Trump lie his a** off below:

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