Trump Just Said He Has ‘Little Time For Watching TV’, And America Is OBLITERATING Him (TWEETS)

There is one thing – the ONLY reliable thing – in Donald Trump’s presidency that we can be sure of, and that’s the fact that at any given moment in time, our Commander-in-Chief is NOT doing his job.

Besides the fact that Trump has spent over 20% of his presidency playing golf instead of working on his disastrous health care plan, tax reform, infrastructure, or addressing the real needs and concerns of the American people, it has been widely documented that Trump consumes media at an unhealthy rate. It’s been reported that when the POTUS isn’t getting himself into trouble on Twitter, Trump is practically glued to cable news coverage of himself and will even watch recordings to make sure he hasn’t missed anything.

Just judging from Trump’s Twitter timeline alone, Trump has lashed out at the media several times for unfavorable reporting, and frequently shares inaccurate information about he something he just watched on Fox News. That’s why it is absolutely infuriating (and a little bit hilarious) that earlier today, Trump tweeted this statement:

“The W.H. is functioning perfectly, focused on HealthCare, Tax Cuts/Reform and many other things. I have very little time for watching TV.”

If you’re pondering why the President of the United States would send such an unpresidential, immature statement, you’re not alone. Not only is this humiliating for our country, but it’s a complete lie. NOTHING in the White House is functioning “perfectly” and Trump’s team is NOT able to focus on real issues, because it’s been thrown into a ‘Category 5 hurricane’ by the latest blow-up in Trump’s Russia scandal! And as for the sentence about the television-watching, well…

Americans pretty much obliterated Trump for trying to say he has “little time” for watching TV. After all, he’s spent most of his presidency doing just that. Here are some of the best responses: 

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