Trump Just Provided The Most Idiotic Response To North Korean Missile Launch; We’re Doomed (VIDEO)

While so-called President Donald Trump was threatening to shut down the government, North Korea launched a ballistic ICBM missile for the first time in four months.

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Many experts now believe that North Korea could easily fire a missile through Washington D.C. or New York. At this point, Americans are beyond terrified of this possibility. Instead of reassuring our country that the government has the resources to prevent such a thing from happening, Donald Trump instilled fear in everyone by simply saying, “we’ll take care of it.”

Trump stated in a press briefing:

I will only tell you we will take care of it. We have Gen. Mattis in the room with us, and we’ve had a long discussion on it. It is a situation that we will handle.”

Obviously, Trump does not have the mental capacity to understand what is going on around him. North Korea is searching for ways to get around the United States’ ability to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear strike. As The New York Times pointed out, this latest launch in the middle of the night with no real advance notice “showed that Pyongyang may be making strides.”

A remark like ‘I’ll handle it’ makes it seem as though Trump doesn’t have any intention of actually fixing this issue or to simply put it — he doesn’t know how to fix it. Our nation is vulnerable. The fact that we’re relying on a president who can’t seem to see that our world is in danger of this threat is disturbing on so many levels.

Watch Trump’s clueless remarks, below: 

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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