Trump Just Pissed Off Anti-Vaxxers By Picking A Sane Doctor To Lead The CDC

The last thing this country needed was a quack at the helm of the Centers for Disease Control. Thankfully, Trump didn’t pick one.

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On Friday, Trump’s administration announced that Georgia Public Health Commissioner Brenda Fitzgerald has been selected to be the next director of the CDC.

And anti-vaccination nut jobs are absolutely furious about it.

That’s because Trump picked a woman who believes in science and medicine, especially vaccinations for children in order to prevent diseases such as whooping cough and measles from becoming epidemics.

“I am a mother. I am vaccinated,” she wrote in an op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2014. “And I ask you to join me. Choose to vaccinate first yourself, and then your new baby. Follow the vaccine schedule, and guard against diseases like whooping cough that only you can prevent before baby is born. Get vaccinated. Help spread the truth on vaccines, not the diseases they prevent.”

Anti-vaxxers believe that vaccines cause autism. So they refuse to vaccinate their children, which puts them at risk of contracting diseases that were once wiped out in this country precisely because of vaccines. It also puts the public health at risk because some children can’t be vaccinated or vaccinations have worn off over time.

Even Fox News’ own medical expert slammed anti-vaxxers for putting the public health at risk.

“Let me be clear on this, I see no debate whatsoever,” NYU Langone Medical Center associate professor of medicine Marc Siegel declared.” Period. This is the greatest vaccine that has ever been created in the history of vaccines. You know we stamped out measles in the United States in 2000. It was incredible because measles is the most contagious virus known to man. If you had measles there would be a 90 percent chance that I would get it by sitting next to you if I weren’t vaccinated. It’s so much more contagious than the flu. We were talking about Ebola, this is a million times more contagious than Ebola!”

And now anti-vaxxers, who supported Trump during the 2016 campaign, are freaking out because they hoped he would put an anti-science opponent of vaccinations like them in charge of the CDC.

“You have already appointed someone to run the FDA who has testified that he will challenge you on vaccine safety. There was no major outcry then because, unlike CDC, FDA does not dictate federal vaccine policy,” anti-vaxxer Jake Crosby whined.

No doubt, Jenny McCarthy is probably also throwing a hissy fit right now because Trump actually did something right for once.

Picking a medical doctor who backs vaccinations is a smart choice by Trump. Now if only he could pick an EPA head who backs fighting climate change. But for now, this pick is a small victory for sanity.

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