Trump Just Picked The Most Insane Fight With Obama, He Is Truly Psychotic (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with former President Barack Obama, a man that Trump knows he can’t possibly measure up to. Trump deals with his insecurity and jealousy by constantly downplaying Obama’s successes, and taking credit for his predecessor’s accomplishments – and his arguments about the former POTUS continue to get more and more petty as time goes on.

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Recently, Trump gave an interview with Fox & Friends, and he put his childish behavior on full display. Proving to the world that he literally has the maturity of a toddler, Trump did everything he could to make sure everyone knew that he was the first one to call the disastrous Republican health care plan “mean.”

Fox host Pete Hegseth brought up the fact that Obama had brutally trashed the Senate Republicans’ health care plan, stating that it was “mean” and was basically an inhumane transfer of wealth that would only benefit the rich. What Trump said was absolutely ridiculous. The pathetic POTUS said:

Well, he used my term — mean. That was my term because I want to see — and I speak from the heart — that’s what I want to see. I want to see a bill with heart.”

While Trump had, in fact, told Republicans that the American Health Care Act was “mean”, this is just a completely new level of pettiness in his comments on Obama. The crazier thing about it is that last month, Trump was actually praising the bill and celebrating it.

You can watch the Fox News interview below:

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While it seems that the Republican party should be devastated that both Obama and a president as incompetent as Trump are calling the health care bill “mean”, the GOP is actually denying it. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is stating that the word “mean: is a “misinterpretation.” Yeah, okay.

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