Trump Just Petulantly Attacked Mika Brzezinski AGAIN In Saturday Morning Tirade (TWEETS)

Forget prison. Donald Trump needs a straight jacket and a rubber room.

Earlier this week, Trump viciously attacked Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski in a pair of tweets that went viral and drew wide condemnation across the country and from both sides of the political spectrum.

After Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough went public about Trump trying to blackmail them into apologizing for their criticism of his administration, Trump lashed out again.

And now Trump has attacked Mika again, this time as part of a larger tirade including a variety of topics such as states refusing to give voter information to Trump’s “voter fraud” panel and attacks on MSNBC and CNN.

How many times are we going to let Trump get away with attacking a woman’s intelligence? These tweets do not belong in the public discourse and they are totally unpresidential. This behavior embarrasses America around the globe. Someone needs to take his phone away from him. And then he needs to be impeached. If anyone else in this country had said these kinds of things on Twitter they would be fired from their jobs, so should Trump.

Featured Image: David Becker/Getty Images

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