Trump Just Made The 4th Of July All About Himself; Releases DISTURBING Video

When it comes to things that are sacred in the United States, July 4th is probably at the top of that list. It’s the day our Founders, united in a just cause, declared their independence from an oppressing ruling power. The Fourth of July symbolizes the birth of a nation.

Now, with Donald Trump at the helm, as a tribute to himself on the Fourth of July, he posted a video. And to the naked eye, without sound, one could assume that the choir, pardon me, the all white choir and band is singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ or perhaps ‘America the Beautiful’ or maybe even ‘God Bless America.’ But no, that’s not what they were singing at all.

What were they singing?


Yes, that’s right. They were singing Trump’s campaign slogan.

Here’s the disturbing video:

What the f*ck was that?

First of all, the country is already great. Secondly, how dare he use this sacred national holiday to promote his own slogan. This holiday is not about him, it’s about all of us. It’s about our nation’s founding. It’s not about him. NOT. AT. ALL.

His giant ego needs to take a back seat. At least for the Fourth of July. But be prepared. He’ll probably make Christmas about himself, too. If he’s not forced to resign by then.

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