Trump Just ‘Liked’ A F*cking Weird Tweet About Rape, North Korea, And Himself

Donald Trump doesn’t “like” many tweets, but on Thursday night he sure as hell liked a doozie of one. Just before midnight, The Donald clicked on the little heart icon on a tweet from someone calling himself Alexander Hamilton.

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That tweet reads  “Also can you believe  THIS?! RAPE….ORGIES….KOREA….TRUMP….WTF?! is a 


This weird moment was captured by Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, who notes that it’s an “unusual move for the president on social media.”

Everyone was taken by surprise, but no one more than Mr. Hamilton.

“Umm…did I just become DJT’s 13th ever like? I’m gonna guess his finger was trembling. Do you believe me now? ” he tweeted upon learning that Trump had liked his tweet:

“If I’m being honest. I’m actually really nervous. I mean why is our aggressive mafia-like president liking MY tweet calling him on his lies?” Hamilton said n a subsequent tweet.

So why did Trump make the rare move to “like” that tweet? Can we ever truly understand anything he does?

Seriously…can we?

Featured image via Getty Images (Ethan Miller)/screengrab

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