Trump Just Lawyered Up BIGLY; New Attorney Proves Trump KNOWS He’s In Trouble

Donald Trump has appointed a new lawyer for the White House, probably to cover up all the crime that’s going on in that place.

According to The Hill, the unlucky guy to score the big position at the White House is Ty Cobb. No, not the baseball player. He’s deceased. Although Trump has been known to have an imaginary friend calling the shots. Anyway, this Ty Cobb is a veteran Washington lawyer with experience as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney. Now he is special counsel at the White House.

The Hill also reported that Cobb is basically supposed to spruce up the White House’s non-existent response regarding the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Cobb will be working with Trump’s other lawyer Marc Kasowitz who is currently representing Trump for the probe.

Not sure if Cobb, who seems like a smart guy, should mixing and mingling with these crooks. Just a few days ago Kasowitz was threatening the life of a journalist with relations to ProPublica. His threat went a little something like,

“How dare you send me an email like that. I’m on you now. You are f—ing with me now. Let’s see who you are. Watch your back, b—-.”

Yea, let’s hope the new White House special counsel has more integrity than that. But we all know Trump only hires his kind. Crooks. Just sayin.


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