Trump Just Hit On A Female Reporter In The Oval Office (VIDEO)


Washington Correspondent and Irish news reporter Caitriona Perry just posted a video of President Trump calling her over to his desk in the Oval Office, calling the incident “bizarre.”

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When Trump spotted her, he immediately pointed at her and said: “Where are you from? Come here.” Then he made a hand gesture calling her over.

Trump: We have all of this beautiful Irish press, where are you from?

Caitriona: I’m from RTE News.

Trump: Caitriona Perry..she has a nice smile on her face. So, I bet she treats you well (looking over at other people in the room).

At this point, you can see her awkwardly look away while nervously smiling.

We must say, though, that she showed an excellent amount of restraint by not calling the president out when it happened. We wish that she had.

Here’s what she posted on Twitter:

“Video of the bizarre moment when President Trump called me over during his call with Taoiseach.”








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