Trump Just Had A Delusional Meltdown On Twitter, Crumbling Under Russia Pressure (TWEET)

Donald Trump knows his days are numbered due to his imploding Russia scandal, and it’s honestly making him crazier by the day. What he tweeted earlier today was the perfect example of how the commander in chief is buckling under the pressure of all of his major scandals, proving that he can’t take the heat.

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Trump took to Twitter this afternoon to send America a truly insane update on his life. In a pathetic attempt to make himself seem innocent, Trump tried to convince everyone that his Russia scandal was a hoax – by somehow relating it to the stock market and job numbers. Seriously, it takes a very sick person to believe that somehow those three things are connected. Here’s Trump’s tweet:

Now, Trump isn’t just delusional for thinking that the stock market and job numbers somehow prove his innocence in the Russia fiasco. The scarier part about this is that the historically unpopular POTUS actually believes that his job numbers are worth boasting about – because they are far worse than former President Barack Obama’s!

Only someone who is truly having a massive breakdown could be desperate enough to believe that throwing completely unrelated topics together could somehow convince Americans that they’re not guilty. The stock market and employment numbers have absolutely nothing to do with his Russia scandal, and Trump has gone off the deep end by thinking they do.

As we’ve seen many times before, a telltale sign that Trump is guilty as f*ck is the way he breaks down in public. Whenever incriminating information appears, Trump starts screaming “hoax” louder than ever because he’s threatened by the truth of his corruption. His lies, denial, and inability to live in the real world are all dangers to the country. His cries about hoaxes are no longer convincing to Americans – he is so mentally unstable it seems the only person Trump is actually trying to convince is himself.

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