Trump Just Got A Major Warning About Mueller, Terrified He’ll Be Behind Bars Soon (VIDEO)

Donald Trump knows that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been zeroing in on him for quite some time — it’s evident by his increasingly erratic behavior and by the way he continues to flip out on Twitter. He’s going to be even more terrified once this message from a former CIA officer sinks in, warning Trump to stay the hell away from Mueller.

Recently, ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd joined former Watergate investigator Carl Bernstein and John Dean, the former White House counselor for Richard Nixon, to send Trump a brutal warning. The three men urged Trump and anyone from his circle not to even think about messing with Mueller, because there’s no hope that it will turn out good for them.

Bernstein stated that already, several people have gone before Mueller only to release a statement afterward saying that the Special Counsel already had all the info witnesses were going to say before the questions were even asked. Bernstein said:

It’s been a frightening experience. They’ve talked as a result of it, as the result of so-called perjury… But the underlying fact is, if there is no ‘there’ there, if there is no, quote, collusion or manipulation, or anything of the kind, Donald Trump should welcome Mueller’s investigation, because Mueller is the kind of guy who will issue a report that says ‘there is no ‘there’ there.’ But that seems very unlikely at this date.”

Mudd also jumped in, stating that he’s been right next to Mueller for thousands of meetings and  has yet to see him “sweat or say anything political.”

I don’t think he’s sweating this at all. I think what you are looking at is a methodical investigation. You start to interview dozens and dozens of people, you review millions of financial records, e-mail records, phone, text records. Then you go in, in a conversation with somebody in the White House, maybe even the president of the United States.”

Mudd predicted that Mueller is collecting every piece of evidence he can first, and then plans to go after Trump. Mudd also gave Trump the terrifying warning, “He’ll crush you.”

The investigators, by the time they walked into that meeting, they already know what the answer is. This is complicated. This is methodical and the president ought to be cautious if he ever goes into the conversation. Don’t ever mess with Director Mueller. He’ll crush you.”

You can watch the discussion below:

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