Trump Just Forgot His Own Daughter’s Birthday, Says He’s Not Very Proud Of Her

He’s not only a shitty commander-in-chief but now you can say he’s also a pretty shitty father, as well.

Friday marked Tiffany Trump’s (his youngest daughter) 24th birthday and President Trump reportedly didn’t so much as give her a shout out on Twitter even. Did he just forget? It’s unlikely he would snub his own daughter on purpose.

Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same: he didn’t wish his baby girl a happy birthday.

Normally, this would not even be news, but guess what, Trump did send out a birthday reminder on Twitter from his personal account, just not to his daughter. Instead, that honor went to the U.S. Navy, which also had a birthday on October the 13th. The Navy turned 242 that day.

We’re glad Trump (or maybe one of his social media assistants) remembered at least one important birthday.

Now, you could be saying: “Well, maybe Trump just didn’t want to put her birthday out there like that.” But, then you’d be wrong. Trump has wished Ivanka, Melania and Donald Trump Jr. happy birthdays all via Twitter. Why not Tiffany?

Tiffany even wished Trump a happy birthday earlier in the year. So, it seems like something that’s perfectly customary in their family.

Instead of wishing her a happy birthday, President Trump apparently thought it was more important to talk about how far left the Democrats were becoming, and how wonderful a president he was.

Even though Tiffany didn’t get a birthday greeting from her father, she was seen smiling while hanging out with friends in Manhattan.

In related news, Trump isn’t the only one to avoid giving her a shout out: Melania Trump, the First Lady, also forgot to drop in on her special day, as did her sister Ivanka.

Trump has even stated on Fox News that he’s not as proud of Tiffany as he is his other children.

“I’m very proud of all my children, but to a lesser extent Tiffany.”

Watch that video below:

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