Trump Just F*cked Up His Own Tariff-Signing Ceremony, Totally Forgets To Sign Documents (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is losing his mind a little bit more each day that America is forced to endure his failing presidency.

Faced with tons of backlash and criticism about his horrible new idea to impose tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, Trump decided to double down and feed his own ego by throwing himself a ceremony so he could sign a symbolic tariff bill in front of everyone. This document wasn’t an executive order or legislation – Trump basically announced that he wanted to throw himself a little party and the White House scrambled to put everything together for their orange man baby.

With steelworkers present with him in the White House, Trump made a rambling speech about his tariff plans. At the end of his speech, Trump went off script and asked the steelworkers if they would like to visit the Oval Office for a photo. Here’s the thing, though – in doing that, Trump was totally ready to end this ceremony without even signing his all-important document!

As Trump blabbers on and nearly leaves the podium to lead the steelworkers away to the Oval Office, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was forced to step in and remind Trump that the entire point of this ridiculous ceremony had been to sign the document, which Trump forgot. You can catch this brilliant hot-mic moment below:

Trump is losing it. This is hardly the first time that Trump’s team has had to reign in the president after he’s forgotten to sign his documents. In the past, Vice President Mike Pence actually had to stop Trump from walking out of a room because he forgot to sign a document. There have been several other instances where Trump has gotten lost or completely confused in the middle of an event or speech as well. This is just another incident to add to the list of why Trump’s mental health must be examined.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images

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