Trump Just Blamed His Top Advisor For WH Leaks; You Won’t Believe Who It Is

Donald Trump clearly has something on most of his administration, that is probably why they haven’t been speaking up against him. That is the only way that one could explain the ‘loyalty’ that his advisors have for him. But when it comes time for him to loyal, Trump is all about self.

In a recent report from Axios, Steve Bannon is now on Trump’s chopping block. Yes, Trump’s top advisor in the White House. His racist bestie that helped him formulate the Muslim Ban. That dude. He’s about to join his buddies, John Kelly, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer since Trump is now blaming White House Leaks on Bannon.

As reported by The Hill, Sources told Axios that West Wing staff believe Bannon was behind leaks about National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and that Bannon’s job could be in danger. The stories have been driven by Breitbart News, where Bannon was executive chairman before joining Trump’s presidential campaign as chief executive in August. 

Bannon has already been going through a falling out with Trump though. Mostly because of jealousy. According to Axios,

Sources close to Trump say he was irritated about Bannon’s extensive cooperation with a book by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green, “Devil’s Bargain,” with a cover that gave Bannon equal billing with Trump.

So it looks as if Trump has all the motive to get him out even if that means more unnecessary White House scandal. With the rate Trump’s going, wouldn’t be surprised if he has a whole new staff by tomorrow morning. No one is safe.

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