Trump Just Admitted That He Lied About Having No Prior Knowledge Of His Son’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Just recently, Donald Trump said in an interview with Reuters that he had no idea that his eledest son, Donald Trump Jr, had a meeting with a Russian lawyer to gather damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Per usual, Trump went back on his claim and contradicted himself by saying:

“In fact maybe it was mentioned at some point.”

  Reporters on the plane initially thought the conversation was off-the-record, but the liar-in-chief  said otherwise on Thursday.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sum up the fact that Trump knew all along about this meeting because this is the same day came up with 33,000 missing Hillary emails. He had to have been listening in. Of course,  Republicans will continue to make excuses for him. All Republicans own this treachery, this deceit, the complicity, and this traitorous man elected as our president.





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