Trump Jr. Tries To Be Funny On Twitter In Response To Treason Claim; Falls On Face

Donald Trump Jr. has now been crowned ‘Prince Traitor’ over the weekend. His father must be proud. In the midst of all the Russia-Trump drama, Trump Jr. has found himself a seat at the table.

In an explosive report by The New York Times Sunday, it was revealed that Trump Jr. met with a Russian Lawyer right before the 2016 election scandal, where Russia was accused of interfering at the request of Trump’s administration. The report says that baby cheetoh was offered ‘damaging information’ on Hilliary Clinton.

And now Trump Jr. is making a mockery of this new development retweeting different articles about the subject and shading each one. Starting with The Times, he tweeted out calling the breaking story boring.

He also responded to The Hill’s report that Senator Susan Collins, who sits on the Senate Intel Committee, would like to set up an interview to get to the bottom of this shady business. Or treason as we are now calling it.

This tweet comes after Trump Jr. attempted to defend his meeting with the Russian lawyer. Even admitting he was taking the meeting to hear info about Clinton but got nowhere.

Obviously I’m the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent… went nowhere but had to listen.

He must think this is a joke? Treason is nothing to laugh about when your ass is sitting behind bars. Don’t know how much more red flags on the Trump family there needs to be with this Russia scandal. Here is the proof you Trump supporters cry about not having. Let’s make a move and put these criminals in their rightful place. That’s behind bars! And then let’s move on to bigger and better things. Trump and Russia should not be the focus of America’s growth!

Featured Image via Twitter and Getty Images

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