Trump Jr. Gets WRECKED After Telling Followers It’s OK To Blow Up CNN (SCREENSHOTS)

Recently, Donald Trump’s attacks on the media took a chilling turn when he tweeted a video showing him “beating up” CNN — a clear message to supporters that it’s open season on the press, as we would see from his representatives’ numerous attempts to excuse The Donald’s awful behavior as President and as a human being.

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Now his son is getting in on the action.

On Saturday, Junior retweeted a video meme showing “CNN” getting blown up by a missile. Rather than condemn the violent suggestion that the media be attacked, he praised it calling it “one of the best I have seen.” He even threw in a couple of American flags because violent attacks in an attempt to suppress the first Amendment is ‘Murika as F*CK:

The video was created by right-wing propaganda outlet “The Daily Caller’s” chief video editor Richard McGinniss but was also posted on Old Row’s Twitter feed.

Naturally, Americans stopped by to tell 45’s favorite son to go f*ck himself with something rusty — you know, ’cause he just encouraged the use of explosives to fight an enemy his father completely made up by screaming “FAKE NEWS” enough times:


Hopefully, Trump Jr.’s tweet will not incite his already violent and hateful  followers more than his father and right-wing media already do. Hopefully, the constant attacks on CNN — which now include encouraging the Stupid Part of America to play with explosives — do not lead to a body count. But then we’d have to trust conservatives to choose not to use violence as a response to their problems, real or perceived.

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