Trump Jr. Gets Schooled By Preet Bharara And Its Hilarious (TWEETS)

Former Attorney General Preet Bharara, one of the many fired by Donald Trump, is the King of shade when it comes to Trump and his administration.

His latest victim is Trump’s mini me, Donald Trump Jr. Tuesday Trump’s spawn, took a hand at playing politics and questioned what exactly ‘anti-left wing socialist’ were celebrating on the 4th of July? His blast attempt came with misspellings though.

What was that? Opprressive? We see where baby Donnie get’s his wits from. Definitely his father. He made it too easy for Bharara to get one in. The former Attorney General took Trump to school and even low-key shaded his father for how he is currently treating immigrants.

And the Twitter Grammy goes to, Preet Bharara! He’s been on a roll since being fired by Trump earlier this year all because he wouldn’t leave his New York position as an attorney. Trump’s such a petty Peter. But Bharara doesn’t mind playing petty either. Let’s not forget how he showed up front row and center at fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last month.

This is next level Trump trolling. Very innovative and always on point. Inspiring, if you will. Troll on Preet. Troll on.

Featured Image via  Getty Images and Twitter


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