Trump Is Using ‘Morning Joe’ Twitter Feud To Distract From Russia Bombshells

Early Saturday morning Donald Trump, apparently already full of energy drinks or asshole fuel or whatever he consumes when he wakes up, immediately launched into another tirade against the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Now, maybe Trump fired that off before he finished his second cup. Internet legend Gladstone raised a very good point, as this tweet related to Trump’s previous schoolyard taunts, which referenced Mika Brzezinski “bleeding badly from a face-lift”:

But make no mistake, this is not normal behavior, even for Trump.

Yes, we know Twitter is his favorite platform from which to attack people. We know he’s not smart enough to come up with insults better than a 12 year-old might dream up. But this is the third day in a row that he’s gone after the Morning Joe hosts. He hasn’t even come up with any new material. He certainly hasn’t responded to host Joe Scarborough’s Twitter replies, which could prove damning if true.

So just what the hell is Trump trying to distract us from?

Judd Legum, the founder of Think Progress, has an idea:

When I say Trump isn’t smart enough to trade insults properly, really what I’m talking about is cleverness. After the tweets fly, you can read back over any “feud” he’s had on the site and conclude pretty quickly that he’s outclassed by wits much more practiced than his own.

But Trump is definitely smart enough to carry on such a pointless, childish feud publicly for three days in a row as a distraction. At this point, I’m not even watching his Twitter feed to see what outrageous thing he’s said next. I’m watching to see what he’s not saying.

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