Trump Is Running Scared; Wants To Sneak Into The UK To Avoid Protesters

Donald Trump is planning to dodge protesters during his upcoming visit to the United Kingdom. Yes, even overseas people want Donald Trump to know how terrible of a President he is here in America.

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According to Trump is planning to only give 24 hr notice with no exact date for his visit which could be in a matter of weeks. All this to prevent people from protesting. NEWS FLASH! People will demonstrate regardless. There you go trying to take freedom of speech from people in a whole other country that you don’t lead.  Or is it that you don’t want the bad publicity?

The co-founder of  Stop Trump Coalition Owen Jones isn’t going to let Trump slide by unnoticed. He tweeted out…

And Twitter is all for taking a day off (whenever it will be) for the cause. reports that People are actually on standby. How beautiful is international resistance man! There is even a petition against the visit with more than 1.8 million signatures.

A spokesperson for anti-racism campaign HOPE not hate told The Independent:

“Donald Trump has become one of the most divisive Presidents in living memory. Whether his travel ban on Muslims, his constant attacking of the media – a frequent tactic of despotic leaders – to his views on women, migrants and other vulnerable communities, as well as his erratic actions alienating allies and reactions to the Russian investigation, he has proven himself an unwelcome friend to the UK and we hope he stays far from our shores.”

Wow, talk about an outcast. The same way Trump treats immigrants in America. How does a taste of your own medicine feel Trump? These protestors are ready. Bring it on. The resistance is working. People are coming together internationally for the sake of the people. It’s great.

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