Trump Is Off His Rocker; Goes On Twitter Rampage While On His Tour Of Vietnam

Trump has had a busy few days traveling throughout Asia and it seems to really be affecting his mental health. Either that or he’s drunk… We can’t really tell.

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After a bizarre meeting with Putin, Trump took to his favorite platform and used ALL 280 characters to express his disdain for his “haters.”

But he didn’t stop there. While trying to mock Hillary Clinton for a misspelled tweet, he launched his own, which makes him look even more like the drunken idiot that he likely is.

The internet, of course, had a field day.

But just when you think he might be finished with gold-plated toilet crazy time – nope – he’s still going. This time whining about Kim Jong-un not wanting to be his “friend.”

And you can probably imagine the reactions to that one, but we’ll share a few with you in case he or one of his nannies delete these tweets.

We actually thought that too, at first, but sadly, it’s real.

Seriously! What the HELL is wrong with this guy?! Someone needs to intervene and quickly. Trump is clearly a danger to himself – not just America!

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