Trump Is Hiring People For Mar-A-Lago Through A Fax Machine; Twitter Is Going Insane

An advertisement placed in the Palm Beach Post informed the public about the waiter positions at Donald Trump’s Florida get away, but was a smashing together of small text and requirements including that applications must be sent in by fax.

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The ad ran twice late last month, according to the Washington Post, and came after the resort asked during Made in America Week to be allowed to hire more foreign waiters, cooks and maids.

Essentially, Twitter went on a full on rampage over this news and the memes and punch lines were absolutely hysterical. Check them out:

Seriously, what century does Trump live in? Online applications are a faster, convenient way to send in a resume or to apply. On the contrary, this is what Trump does best–takes advantage of loopholes and does the bare minimum for compliance.





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