Trump Is Dying To Get John McCain Back To Work For The Most Selfish Reason Imaginable


John McCain has been in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye. During this time, he has, of course, received many wellwishes from his Senate colleagues, his constituents and even some who aren’t his constituents or even Republican. He’s also gotten them from others who know him. That sort of includes Donald Trump, but not really. You see, Trump isn’t hoping McCain recovers quickly because he cares, and when you care about someone, you want them to be well.

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He wants McCain to get well because “we need his vote.” Seriously:

I can tell you, we hope John McCain gets better very soon because we miss him… He’s a crusty voice in Washington, plus we need his vote.”

He couldn’t leave that last part off? If all he’d said was that first sentence, he might have managed to keep a smidgen of his selfishness under the radar in this instance. He hasn’t actually, truly wished McCain well even once throughout this ordeal. He only cares about McCain insofar as his health problems affect the Senate’s vote on Trumpcare.

But Trumpcare is doomed as it is, and Trump is getting ever more desperate for a major legislative win. All he’s thinking about is having enough Republicans vote yes so he can claim a win, even though this bill would have to go over to the House for a vote, too.

As of July 9, though, McCain was afraid that Trumpcare would fail. Senate Republicans can only afford to lose two votes, and several Republicans said prior to the July 4th recess that they would oppose it. McCain believes they need to work with Democrats on this, not shut them out:

And if you shut out the adversary or the opposite party, you’re going to end up the same way Obamacare did when they rammed it through with 60 votes. Only guess what? We don’t have 60 votes.”

That takes longer. Trump and other Republicans want to go it alone so they can get things done faster (and more sloppily, too).

As of last week, McCain wasn’t happy with the Trumpcare bill. He felt it didn’t provide sufficient protection for Arizona’s Medicaid program (indeed, it doesn’t provide sufficient protection for anyone’s Medicaid program, expanded or otherwise). McCain has promised to work in concert with Arizona’s state legislature on amendments that would not just protect, but also reward, states that expanded their programs and maintained their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Under the current bill, Arizona (and everyone else) would be punished for expanding their Medicaid programs.

Trump doesn’t care about any of this, though, let alone McCain’s health. In Trump’s world, the fact that McCain has been hospitalized for a blood clot is of little importance. Mitch McConnell has delayed the vote until McCain is back, which does make sense. But Trump is antsy and it’s showing in his “Please get well soon so I can have what I want” baloney.

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