Trump Ignores His Own ‘Made In America’ Week By Trying To Employ Foreign Workers In Jobs At Mar-A-Lago


This is a slap in the faces of Americans who are unemployed.

Donald Trump’s declaration of “Made In America” week was a giant example of hypocrisy the second he even thought the words. After all, Trump’s products are made largely overseas, as are the furnishings in his hotels. Even his daughter Ivanka has her product lines manufactured in China.

Trump’s name may be on his buildings in America, but the materials used to build them were purchased from foreign companies, thus depriving American businesses of work and money.

And now, Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort has filed a request to hire 70 temporary foreign workers instead of hiring Americans for the jobs.

This news, first reported by Buzzfeed, comes as Trump continues to tout his “Made In America” agenda.

He even posted this on Twitter on Friday morning.

And Americans ripped him a new one for it.

And here’s a nifty video of David Letterman confronting Trump about his products being made overseas by foreign labor. The look on Trump’s face as he gets busted is priceless.

If Trump really cared about American workers and American business he would lead by example and start having his products made in America by American workers. He would also make sure his resorts hire only Americans. After all, there are plenty of Americans out there who would love to have a job right now.

But we all know that Trump really doesn’t give a shit about American workers. He only cares about himself.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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