Trump Humiliates Himself On World Stage As He Walks Back Tough Tariff Threats (TWEETS)

The past few days have been particularly embarrassing for Donald Trump, and the president surely hasn’t made it easy on himself by continuing to talk about his horrible idea to impose tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.

It was just a few days ago that Trump caused the stock market to crash by announcing his tariff plans, and despite the instant and obvious negative feedback from the Dow as well as his peers, Trump has continued to forge ahead with his tariffs. But as usual, Trump is being forced to walk his threats back as the rest of the world watches (and laughs at him) because he realized that his plan isn’t really going to work.

Trump, who had been bragging about his tariff being imposed on all nations, is now putting his foot in his mouth and saying that exclusions for all countries are negotiable. The AP reported:

People are seriously rolling their eyeballs at Trump now. Trump’s entire tariff talk had been nonsense all along, and an empty threat like many of his other comments. As this new installment of Trump’s tariff plan gets released by the media, the world is once again laughing at America and its moronic president.

The humiliation gets much deeper, though – it’s also been reported that Trump exempted Mexico and Canada from his waste of time tariff deal!

Does Trump know that Canada is the largest steel exporter to the United States?! If Trump is not going to impose tariffs on Canada, his whole tariff thing is pointless. Trump has once again signaled to the world that he is not only a failure, but that his threats are meaningless. No one can take us seriously now thanks to this moron, and we can only hope that his days in the White House are up sooner than later.

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