Trump Hosts World Series Champions At White House, Makes Asinine Statement; Players Disgusted

The day has finally come for the White House to host the World Series Champion Houston Astros, and it was absolutely true to form for this administration.

There’s no doubt that the win for Houston was especially meaningful, after the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, which left 107 people dead and did more than $125 billion in damage to Texas and the surrounding states. And the fact that it was Houston’s very first World Series championship made it all that much sweeter, to the point that even people who aren’t really all that interested in baseball were probably watching at least a few of the games — and at the very least watching Game 7.

Apparently, Donald Trump was not watching that game.

Oh, he understood that the series was big and meaningful and that the Astros, at least at this moment, are America’s baseball team. He thought he was saying all the right things, in fact, to honor a situation like that. But what he actually said kind of proved he didn’t watch the World Series at all.

The ceremony began like you might expect anything with Trump to go — him mentioning his own favorite team before getting to the champs, him celebrating his own hiring brilliance in the former governor of Texas (who is now his Energy Secretary), him making a joke about a tax cut — but it quickly got more than a little weird, and I don’t just mean when he invented the word “delegration,” meaning “a delegation of great people.”

The “face” of the team, Jose Altuve, stood and stared blankly throughout the ceremony, and the first glimmer of a smile on his face was when Donald’s baseball ignorance first appeared in the word “skippering” while addressing Manager A.J. Hinch, the former catcher for the Oakland A’s who finally got a team of his own to run.

But the real warmup came when he began to pretend like he DID know what the hell he was talking about. First, he said “I’m a big baseball fan,” then proceeded to shit on how bad the Astros were before they won the World Series — “not a good team,” he declared, to the laughter of absolutely no one.

After Trump looked around like an idiot for MVP George Springer, clearly having no idea who he was or what he looked like, to the point where Altuve had to point him out in the assembled group, he turned around again to find Altuve — who had been at his right shoulder the entire time — looking right over the top of him until Altuve awkwardly jutted his hand out for the greeting.

But in case you missed it — if you even bothered watching more of this than the little clips I’ve included here — the biggest strikeout for Donald Trump today was calling Game 7 of the 2017 World Series “one of the greatest baseball games anybody has ever seen.”

Donald, were you even watching that game?!? The Astros went scoreless after the second inning. It was a YAWN-fest!

Just like a Trump speech.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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